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Advanced Combat Pistol Level II - C.L.E.E.T. Accredited

This class is an advanced pistol course specifically designed for those who want to take their skills to the next level. This class is an extension of our Level I course and you may not enroll in it unless you have been through our Advanced Combat Pistol Level I at least once. Advanced Combat Pistol Level II is specifically designed to teach shooters the ins and outs of shooting on the move, shooting from various positions, and getting into and out of them smoothly and efficiently. Speed is achieved by the elimination of excess motion and what that translates into is being capable of moving and getting into and out of various shooting platforms quickly and effectively. Come train with us and see what we mean by that. Quite frankly, whether your training needs lie in law enforcement, personal defense or competitive shooting, this class is a must if you want to learn how to incorporate movement and real world possibilities into your arsenal of skills. As with our API, you will receive personal attention from our professional instructors and you will learn the skills that have enabled us to win. Gunfights are dynamic! Come learn the skills that just might end up saving your life one of these days. This is NOT a competition pistol course! This class is to teach students how to survive a gunfight. This class involves tactics and requires your gun handling skills to be top notch. Once again, you may not take this class if you have not attended our Advanced Combat Pistol Level I at least once. There are no exceptions to this.          

Some of the things you will learn/we will cover are:

  • The fundamentals of shooting and loading on the move
  • Speed shooting techniques while being able to maintain your ability to shoot with pinpoint accuracy
  • How to operate your pistol reflexively to ensure accurate, stance-directed fire
  • Getting into and out of different shooting platforms quickly and efficiently
  • Draws from concealment
  • Tactics with a pistol
  • Strong hand and support hand shooting
  • Barricade shooting
  • Supine shooting
  • Prone shooting
  • Modified positional shooting
  • Low light and no light shooting
  • Close quarter battle techniques with your firearm
  • Recovering to your feet with a firearm
  • Multiple attacker drills
  • Failure drills
  • Speed vs. accuracy drills
  • Target transition drills (rapid target acquisition)
  • Wounded shooter drills including but not limited to:
    • Support hand only draws
    • Support hand only reloads
    • Strong hand and support hand malfunction clearances
    • Speed reloads
    • Tactical reloads
    • Reloads with retention
    • Slide-lock reloads
    • Proper use of cover
    • Shooting from a seated position
    • Shooting from inside a vehicle
    • Exiting a vehicle if being engaged while seated
    • 2 man team drills
    • Shooting and reloading on the move
    • When to shoot on the move and when to move then shoot
    • Turning then shooting, moving forwards, backwards and laterally with your gun
    • Transitioning from aggressive to danger targets (changing gears)
You will need:
  • Your pistol and as many magazines as possible
  • A securely fastened holster
  • A good stiff belt to support your holster
  • At least 2 magazine pouches (either one double or 2 single mag pouches) We recommend 2 singles minimum.
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition minimum
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Money for lunch, hats, shirts and/or gear that we'll have available for you to purchase
  • A chair or something to sit on
  • Proper attire for the weather and conditions
  • Comfortable shoes that will give you with traction on all kinds of surfaces ranging from grass to concrete
  • A hat and/or sunscreen is advisable

Come see why our classes are full every time they are offered.  You will learn more from us in 2 days than you will in a week at other training facilities.  Plus, it will cost you a fraction of what you'd spend elsewhere. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  Check out the TDSA calendar for course availability and register on line today!

"Until you try to do something beyond what you have mastered you will never grow. Come train with us and let us help you develop the skills you need to win!" 

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think wise, risking more than others think safe, dreaming more than other think practical, and expecting more than others think possible. 


Note: Our C.L.E.E.T. Accredited courses qualify as 16 hours towards continuing education for Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers.
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