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Ladies Only Rifle / Carbine course
Length: 1 Day.

This course will cover the use of a rifle or carbine in short to mid range environments. (50 yards and in) This course should not be confused with the doctrine of the sniper or counter-sniper with increased ranges and the use of scoped rifles. The carbines or rifles used in this class will rely on the use of iron sights in conjunction with an optic that allows the shooter to "co-witness" with the iron sights if necessary. Flip up iron sights or sights that are mounted at a 45-degree angle are ideal for this course. Sights such as the EO Tech, Aimpoint, Trijicon Reflex and others similar to these allow the shooter to focus on the threat and super-impose the red dot on the target.

The focus of this course will be accuracy and the fundamentals of marksmanship. You will leave very comfortable with your long gun.

You will learn/we will cover:

  • Nomenclature and proper maintenance.
  • Proper Kinesthetic Alignment
  • How to clear a malfunction should you have one.
  • Weapon Manipulation including status checks.
  • Proper loading and unloading techniques
  • Zeroing, sight adjustment and a little bit of ballistics
  • You will be engaging targets at various distances and learning to compensate for mechanical offset.
  • You will also engage targets from various shooting positions including prone, support kneeling, supported barricade positions, sitting, standing, reverse kneeling and high kneeling.
  • You will learn various reloading techniques including speed reloads, lock-back reloads and reloads with retention.

Since this is an accuracy based class you won't need a whole lot of equipment:

  • A good rifle or carbine.
  • At least 4 Magazines and some way to carry them. (Mag pouches and back pockets work just fine.)
  • 500-600 rounds of .223 or 9mm ammo (whatever your long gun shoots)
  • A shooting mat, yoga mat or a piece of carpet is nice to have.

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