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“This course is NOT a high intensity shooting class; but make no mistake, it WILL be physically and mentally demanding!” -Instructor, Billy Smith


This is an introduction to basic infantry tactics with a focus on:  


  • Individual Movement Techniques (“IMT”)
  • Team Formations/Team Tactics
  • Battle drills (A collective action rapidly executed without applying a deliberate decision-making process. Locate, suppress, neutralize!”)
  • Discussion and implementation of:
  1. Mission, Enemy, Terrain/weather, Troops - Time, Civilian Considerations (“METT-TC”); and, 
  2. Observation, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles, Key Terrain, Avenues of Approach (“OCOKA”). 


Which supports leader’s reconnaissance, hasty planning and execution on an identified target.



Participation Requirement:

Current Federal, State, County or Municipal Law Enforcement Officer OR civilian in good standing who may also be sponsored by an officer.


$500 paid in advance to hold class position. Only 15 positions will be allotted.


Serviceable agency issued or personal rifle.


Scope or Dot…shooters choice.


500 rounds rifle ammunition.


ANSI rated eye protection, electronic ear protection, lightweight gloves, and knee pads.


Long pants, long sleeves, and hat. We will get dirty!

Tactical Gear:

Issued Vest, Rhodesian Chest rig, etc.


Hydration is a MUST. Bring enough water to stay hydrated. 


We eat when we can. Bring food that will sustain your energy in a time efficient manner. 

Bug Spray:

We’ll be in the woods.

















Additional course elements


  • Cover and Concealment Natural and Micro-terrain.
  • React to contact; Standing to prone...Low Crawl, High Crawl, 3-5 Second rush so guns can be brought relatively online.
  • Movement formations File and Wedge...react to contact falling into sectors of fire.
  • Observation, Cover and Concealment, Obstacles, Key Terrain, Avenues of Approach (“OCOKA”):
  • Near ambush
  • Far ambush
  • Break contact near/far
  • Open Danger area small/large
  • Linear danger areas Known and unknown
  • *Live fire*
  • Contact Front, Left, Right, and Rear
  • Fundamental shooting positions (Direct fire)
  • Field expedient (Direct fire)
  • Suppressive fire (permissive environment) / Beaten zone (non-permissive environment) (Talking guns)
  • Shift fire / Lift fire
  • Assault through LOA/Security/ACE.


If you have any hesitation or doubts whether this is for you, or you just want more details on what it’s like, please reach out to us.


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