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Vehicle Assault / Counter Assault Course

This course is designed for an individual officer/operator working in, and/or around vehicles in commission of their duties; as well as small teams working in a Private Security Detail capacity.

This is a one-day course with a minimum of 8 hours training.

Each shooter will need 300 rounds of rifle and 300 rounds of pistol ammo. Duty belt and handgun with a minimum of 3 magazines and good holster. Rifle with sling and a minimum 3 magazines.

Standard P.P.E. plus a mask or bandana to keep glass particles from being inhaled. Double ear pro when shooting inside a vehicle is recommended.

Tuition for this course is:  $350 (no discounts applicable)

This course covers:  

  • Safety is paramount...as in all of our courses.   
  • Handgun and Carbines will be used. 
  • One handed shooting techniques (Pistol)
  • Intro to bi-lateral shooting with shoulder fired weapon.  
  • Vehicle set up based on type of weapon you are using (storage).
  • Drawing from a seated position (in vehicle) 
  • How to engage threats from front, left, right, and rear.
  • How to engage threats using a carbine.  
  • Intermediate Barrier shooting. Why and how...types of glass to consider.
  • How to use various places of vehicle for cover.
  • Alternate shooting positions.
  • Dismounting under duress. 
  • Exit strategies for breaking contact.  
  • Vehicle Assaults and formations.
  • Extraction principals.
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