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Alessa French

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1 October 30-31, 2021

I'm not military or law enforcement. I'm just a civilian girl who carries to protect myself and those around me and as such: I AM RESPONSIBLE for my weapon and my training. I've had private training with TDSA, taken their Women's Self Defense, and just completed my second time in their Advanced Combat Pistol Level I.

As a woman it can be intimidating to handle fire arms but these trainers take that fear away and replace it with knowledge and competence. I've attended classes held by TDSA where all in attendance are civilian women, where the majority are LEO men, and where the majority are civilian men. TDSA has given me the opportunity to train beside retired military, active duty officers, civilians in training for the police academy, father and daughters and father and sons. The common uniting denominator amongst us is the desire to learn proper basic techniques to advanced skills from leading experts in a fun and safe environment and that is exactly what TDSA provides.

If you are a woman who wants to protect yourself, your family, your friends but have hesitated out of fear of the unknown- trust me when I say this team of professionals will put you at ease so quickly and give you the tools you need to achieve a level of confidence in weapons handling that will leave you with your only regret being "why didn't I do this sooner?"!

They elevate your training to think with the mindset of avoiding a gunfight at all costs but being prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and LEGALLY for what it is going to take to win that battle should it ever occur.

Practice what they teach you, keep training, and stay deadly.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

I have been attending TDSA courses for over a decade now and they just keep getting better. This is the 5th time I have taken ACP I and every time I learn something new and get a chance to refine my fundamentals under the all-seeing eyes of Marshall and his cadre of instructors.

Kai, Travis and Marshall all bring something special to the training and this continues to be my go-to place for pistol instruction.

These classes are worth the investment of both time and money and you will learn skills that might just save your life.
Brian H

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

I just did the Advanced Combat Pistol I course over the weekend and believe it was an excellent investment of time and money. I've done three handgun courses before this one and I don't think it's possible to get more value than the TDSA course.

Certainly, having multiple instructors is a tremendous advantage over other courses. I think TDSA strikes a balance between didactic and hands-on. Also, I should say that while you should expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone a bit, the instructors are meticulous about safety.

I will definitely be back for more training with TDSA and highly recommend it for anyone interested in defending themselves or their families with a firearm. Marshall came highly recommended by high level law enforcement with way more bona fides than I have and I am glad I asked for his recommendation about where to go for firearms training.
Jeff Wall

Monday, November 1, 2021

I have had very little training and I had certainly never shot at a range. Marshall, Travis, and Kai were complete professionals and helped me every step of the way with clear, concise, and detailed instructions. This Advanced Combat Pistol I course was great, lots of fun, and loaded with useful info. I feel like my skill and knowledge base increased exponentially and I feel much more comfortable continuing to develop my skills. I hope to train with TDSA again soon in another course. I was extremely fortunate to have the resources of one of the most sought-after training companies in the country here in Tulsa. Thank you TDSA for your time and expertise.
Kelley P

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

"Street Survival Tactics, 10/15/2021"

I have known Marshall and been training with TDSA since 2007. I owe the basis and foudation of my shooting and tactics to Marshall, Billy, and the phenomenal cadre of TDSA. In the beginning, I attended AP1 (twice), AP2 (twice), and Combat Carbine 1 and 2. TDSA was literally my introduction to firearms and my first formal training before entering the Army, where I went on to serve with the 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment for 8 years and 6 deployments.

Since 2007 I have been thru and experienced some of the best training in the world. I have trained and deployed with Delta Force, SEAL team 6, NATO Spec Ops teams, and other gov. agencies operators. I have also been responsible for training and guidance of Rangers and Afghan SF.

The Special Operations community provides limitless opportunities for those who wish to become masters of their trade. My range of duties have included all your typical weapons system within a Ranger line platoon, up to Fire Team Leader. I also served as a Recon Scout Sniper and had the honor of being selected as a personal protection detail for the Commanding General of JSOC. Needless to say, I have had the amazing opportunity to train with and serve next to some of the best gunfighters in the world, in my opinion.

In my own time, I have also sought out other "advanced" concealed carry courses and pistol courses around the country. As we all should, every course I attend I keep an open mind and make sure I take away some more "tools for my toolbag". If it is not a technique I can use, maybe it will help me to assist another shooter/gunfighter in their pursuit to become a confident SHEEPDOG in thier daily lives.

Now that my "BONE FIDES" are out of the way......

I have been wanting to attend TDSA's Street Survival Tactics for years. finally the stars aligned and I was able to attend this October 2021 class. As expected, I am beyond impressed at the level of expertise that TDSA brings to the table. As I mentioned, I am fully aware of the expertise that Billy and Marshall bring to this course. However, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of hand to hand (grappling) and medical TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) involved in this course. I cant express to you how utterly important these two skills are to surviving a violent encounter. SST did a fantactic job at keeping the techniques basic enough that anyone can grasp the technique by the end of the course. Moreover, the instructors are able to apply varying degrees of difficulty to ensure the more experienced students are learning as well and being pushed.

The team at Triton Fight Center are PHENOMENAL. Their input in the grappling portion of this course was outstanding. The techniques were straight forward and easy to understand, no matter your level of experience. I LOVE THE inclusion of "Pre-fight" indicators, SPEAR system, and avoiding the fight, if possible. Its so important to stress to people that violent encounters should always be avoided, but we should also always train for the unexpected.

Nick's medical training was spot on and essential. You will come out of this course able to immediately save your life and someone else from a traumatic injury because of his constant guidance and persistent evaluations throughout the course. Thank you, Nick.

Even with all my training and experience, I walked away from this course with a plethora of knowledge and more "tools for my toolbag". I learned a handful of techniques I had NEVER seen before, but are so simple and common since once taught. The additon of the rifle transitions, edged weapons, and low-light tactics are just icing on the cake. This portion privided just enough insight to get people going in the right direction without going down the rabbit hole.

I do not know another course, off the top of my head, that offers in 3 days (26 hours) what TDSA offered for the price. You would easily pay DOUBLE or TRIPLE for this type of instruction. NOT TO MENTION..... the instructor to student ratio was about 2/1!!!!! THAT IS UNHEARD OF at other courses. You're lucky to have two instructors in a class of 9-12. At times, we had 6 or 7 instructors in this class, especially during the grappling!

Billy and Marshall..... THANK YOU! I love training with you guys and always attempt to soak up all the knowledge I can when I am around you two. Your knowledge, commraderie, humor, humbleness, and passion is what keeps me and others continuing to come back to you for years of training. There are 1000's of schools out there and I truly believe TDSA is one of the best.

I love you guys and will be back..... NEXT TIME IM BRINGING FRIENDS TO THE FIGHT WITH ME!!!

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