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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Street Survival Tactics 9/15/21-9/17/21
I have been training with TDSA from 2008 and never felt they compromised my safety. AP1, AP2, 4-Day Rifle, Combat Shotgun (awesomest class ever), Combat Carbine.
This course took me to a place I have never been before. They pushed me enough to break-thru the comfort zone. (tailored to each individual-no one gets left behind)
This class is intense, dynamic and was the fastest three days I have ever been thru. Billy Smith is a master teacher and this class develops based on the people, students/instructors involved. It is designed with continuous improvement as one of the main goals. So itís not Street Survival in a can and wonít be ďthe same way twiceĒ (my mind wants to take it again, my body not so much-hello 60).
I have said it before and Iím going to say it again: If you get a chance to train with Billy Smith, in any capacity, any course, you need to DO IT!
T-tripleC-Nick is amazing and thank you man. I needed this so much.
Thank you to Prof. Piet Wilhelm, James, Edgar and Mark from Triton. You guys kicked my tail.

After taking this course I realize that I only thought I was awake. Itís amazing the level of self delusion we can live in. I can go back to where I was or take a new path. There are changes that I need to make, body conditions that hold me back, that can no longer be tolerated. What is hindering me Ö is me and me can be better.
Thank you Marshall for allowing me to do this.
Dave J.

Friday, October 22, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first class with the TDSA. It was the Street Survival Tactics course and it was awesome. Marshall Luton and Billy Smith are EXPERTS in their knowledge and approach to the subject matter. Being a novice in all areas of this class, they took their time to meticulously explain the information in ways that all levels of experience could understand and benefit from. It was challenging and thrilling all at the same time. The time spent on the mats at Triton Fight Center, shot out to Professor Piet Wilhelm for his absolute comprehension of BJJ and street survival tactics, was time spent I will never forget. Iíd also like to acknowledge the other Triton members, James, Edgar, and Mark for their incredible support throughout the 3 day course. The emergency life saving information provided by Nick has been glued into my head. Huge thanks to him.
This course is vital for anyone looking to become more confident in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Levi K

Friday, October 15, 2021

Taking classes from Marshall and Billy have hands-down been the best investments I have ever made related to shooting, firearms, and self-defense. All I can say is I wish I would have started attending them sooner. Every rep of every drill on the range with these guys will push you to become more effective and confident at using the tools available to you. Also, these men are a caliber above most with their mindset, humility, contagious great attitude, and deadly effectiveness. A rare and much needed combination these days. In addition, the type of people that attend their classes are of also the highest caliber, and that reason alone is enough to sign up. Itís a breath of fresh air to interact with others who have similar mindsets regarding self-reliance and refusal of the common victim mindset in our culture. Please do not hesitate to sign up for a class, you wonít regret it.
Lance Littlewood

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

I have taken two classes with TDSA so far and plan on taking plenty more. I had the pleasure of taking Combat Carbine with them a couple weeks ago and I could not be more impressed with the content they squeeze into just two days.

Billy is an incredibly talented instructor. He's no nonsense and straightforward with everything. He answers all questions as honestly as he can, and if he doesn't have an answer he'll tell you he doesn't know. Then he'll reach out to everyone he can to get you an answer.

Combat Carbine is the first rifle/carbine based class I've ever taken. My dad is a retired marine but he couldn't have taught me half the content of this class. These guys have taken principles from a multitude of areas, police, military, etc., and have found what works. They teach what's safe, what always works and what's effective. After this class, I'm comfortable shooting on the move, in a variety of different positions, manipulating weapons with one hand, off hand, and transitioning a rifle on and off target without flagging teammates. And those are just a few things that were covered.

I feel competent, safe and capable with a rifle. I did before this class but not during the application of shooting and moving. Now I do.

If you currently have basic rifle marksmanship skills but want to progress and feel comfortable moving and shooting, this is the class for you. You won't regret it for a second.
J. Johnson

Thursday, October 7, 2021

TDSA Thank you for a weekend of training that improved my confidence with my firearm while providing a fun and safe environment.

I completed the ACP1 course and was amazed at how much I needed to improve to become more than just a someone who can shoot at the local range but piece together:
"Get it Out"
"Get it Up"
"Get it On"

I can't say enough about the design of the course which breaks down each movement in preparing to fire your weapon in easy to digest segments that build on top of each other. This is all done in an environment that is fun and safe. The instructors are world class and never pass judgement as they truly want to make every student better. Not only can this team teach the material but they can perform the drills at a very high level with incredible speed and accuracy.

I recommend this course for ANY skill level as everyone in my class improved from LEO's, other Firearms instructors, and students that were taking the course for their 2nd or 3rd time.

I learned many lessons from this course but the 2 that are at the top of mind are:

1: Confidence in myself and my firearm. With practice I can improve but also have proven through proper instruction that I can draw and shoot efficiently with accuracy. The mechanics were programmed in only 2 days.

2: What and how to practice to improve. Repeating the drills and using proper bio mechanics I am now able to self diagnose on the range and go back to my ACP1 training knowledge to improve or fix a "glitch." to be efficient and accurate.

We don't get to choose the day or time when evil approaches us and wants to inflict harm on us or are family. Prepare yourself to win that altercation by INVESTING in a course with Marshall and his team with TDSA.

Thanks to all the instructors as they truly make the difference.

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