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Bryan Houck

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I completed the scoped rifle precision class with TDSA Tulsa. I have taken many classes with Marshall over the years, and I have to say this is one of my favorites. Garrett & Jeremy were awesome instructors. I've been in law enforcement for alomost twenty-four years and have been to two academies, and am a Federal law enforcement firearms instructor myself. This is hands down some of the best training I have taken. If you are tired of sitting at a bench and shooting paper targets with your scoped rifle, this class is a must. Garrett & Jeremey kept my attention and the things I learned were beyond anything I have learned in twenty-four years. Any of TDSA Tulsa classes will improve your shooting ability but this class is in a different areana. You will learn about equipment, ballistics, reticles, doping your rifle platform, shooting positions, and what works for you. I also teach the Oklahoma "Joke" called the "SDA". I recommend TDSA to all of the students I have in my classes! If you want to learn how to save your life witha weapons system go to TDSA. I 've trained with some of the so called "best" instructors, some of them have their own T.V. shows. They don't hold a candle to these guys, go see them, take a class you will see what I'm talking about.
Mark McDonnell

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I recently attended Practical Precision/Scoped Rifle 1. This class was awesome. I put my rifle together a few years ago. Up to now my range sessions consisted of sitting at a bench shooting tiny groups on paper at 100 yards. This class pushed right out of that comfort zone. This class had me shooting from different positions. Off came the bipod. Shooting off a pack, barricades, unsupported, etc. Multiple targets at varying ranges for speed. I really learned how to work my rifle. This class has completely changed how my future range sessions will be conducted. I really look forward to the second class and really stretching my skills and equipment to the max.
Steve Marx

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I recently attended Practical Precision/Scoped Rifle Level 1! I have to say Jeremy & Garrett CAN teach an old dog new tricks! This class clarified some mysteries in my head regarding MILS vs. M.O.A. and gave me some things to work on such as math, documenting my dope at the range and getting into and out of some very strange, yet effective, shooting positions. I would encourage other shooters who want to understand and improve their rifle skills using optics to take this class. It was safe, fun and very informative. Thanks guys!
Brandon Holasek

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just attended Practical Precision Rifle 1 and as always, the instructors at TDSA are very professional, accommodating and always create a safe, effective learning environment for all shooters. High level summary, the class structure is setup as their Advanced Combat Pistol 1 (ACP1) course, but it is designed around scoped rifles. I crawled before I could run and by the end of day two, I learned how to run my scoped rifle (PredatOBR 7.62) from multiple shooting positions while engaging multiple smaller targets from varying distances (100 - 300 yds).

Garrett and Jeremy thank you very much for setting this class up. You guys did a great job! Looking forward to Precision Rifle Level 2 coming up in the fall!
Thanks again,


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Advanced Combat Shotgun

A big thanks to all the students that participated this weekend for a safe and positive training experience. I had a great time training with you.

Professional nonthreatening instruction is one of the reasons that makes TDSA Tulsa such a great firearms training company. Lance's exceptional instruction this weekend exceeded that expectation. He demonstrated to us how quick and versatile a shotgun can be at engaging close, distant and aerial targets; discussing loading techniques, equipment and ammunition selection for the purposes of defensive and competitive shotgun usage. Within a few hours we were all able to quickly engage multiple and various types of targets using the skills taught to us. I could go on for pages and pages discussing all of the material covered in the class but to put it simply: the detail and personal attention given during class made this class exciting, personally rewarding and I feel more confident using my shotgun now.

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