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Dave Disco

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Me, my 18 year old daughter, and my son just completed the Combat Carbine Course.

I have taken several tactical training courses over the years when USSA was in it's beginnings, and I always took away tons of good training and information. This course with TDSA was no exception. Both Bill and Marshall are exceptional trainers / teachers with an obvious passion for what they do. There was a lot of great new aspects to fighting with a Carbine that I was never taught before. These are perishable skill sets, and if you don't take the time to continually invest in your training it will fade away.

The best part of the whole course was the attention to detail and patient instruction we received. I really wanted my daughter to experience a training like this to encourage her to continue building important skills and the mindset of being a 'sheepdog' and not a sheep. Both Bill and Marshall made this one of the best experiences we have ever had. These guys are not just instructors, they're genuinely good people.

We are looking forward to our next class, which is the street survival course!

Stay Deadly!
david Krzemien

Friday, October 1, 2021

I just completed the combat carbine course, and it was outstanding!!!
If you own a rifle you have the responsibility to your family and self of being proficient with it. And I can attest Marshall and Billy will help you get to the level of proficiently YOU are trying to achieve.

I have taken 3 carbine courses and 4 pistol courses at USSA in the late 2000s and in comparison this course was excellent and full of stuff I didn't know or forgot completely. I wasn't sure how it was going to compare but I came out of this course more confident in my skills and more refined. The instructors will not move on until you are comfortable and competent in what you are doing. The amount shooting and ammount of instruction time was very well balanced. Billy is a good combination of drill instructor, teacher, warrior, and mentor. He pushes you to do YOUR best without singling you out or making you feel like your an idiot because your not LE or military. None of us were born with the knowledge of how to be good with a carbine, so you have humble your self and seek out those who have the real world experience with it and soak up all you can from them.

The guys and gals at the class were all professional, fun, and safe. Im already signed up for more classes!!!

Bill Gordon

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Just completed the Combat Carbine course.

This is my 4th training class from TDSA this year and just like each of the previous classes Billy & Marshall were well prepared. Their format is consistent by starting with the basics and building from there by telling you, showing you, then watching you perform under their careful, safe and coaching eye. The class is two days of attention to detail with repetition that builds upon the each previous skill. The information is relevant, interesting and rewarding as you see the significant improvement in your skill set in just two days. In addition to that, they show you how to help yourself after the class with plenty of dry fire, off range, in home technics to extend the class into months of training, assuming you are willing to put in the time to truly elevate your skills vs just a weekend bump, after all this is a perishable skill.

If you ask yourself WHY would anyone want to take a class like this? The honest answer has to be that you want to be able to protect yourself & your family. The quality people at TDSA do that for you. They will teach you a priceless skill set you are going to wish you had someday. Act NOW, get signed up for the next class, whatever it cost, it’s worth it, do it right now!

P.S. Maggie is another team member who doesn’t get enough recognition. She is there the whole time chronicling the weekend in pictures. WOW does she take some great shots. Love those burst actions shots, definitely keepers to show family & friends. Thank You Maggie.
Zachary Swenson

Monday, September 27, 2021

I just completed Combat Carbine, which is a new course from what I understand.

I'll be honest, initially, I was incredibly hesitant. My wife surprised me with this gift. I was truly concerned that I would get there and be met with a bunch of Youtube "operators". Candidly, I thought I would spend a few hours then leave.

I traveled from Utah to Tulsa to attend this class. What I can tell you is that every reservation I had was dead wrong. Every hesitation I had was unfounded. Marshall made himself available to every question I had within minutes of asking, prior to coming. I was unable to bring sufficient ammunition, due to TSA rules. Marshall ensured that I had access to the ammo there, with no price gouging, I truly felt that he wanted to help. He never once made me feel as if he was "put out" by me.

I got to the class and met Billy, our instructor. A few days before, I searched Billy's resume and background. He is a bonafide pipe hitter. He is exactly who I would want next to me in a gunfight. BUT, he is not just a consummate badass, he was kind, observant, personable, and invested in my learning. He took as much time as needed with each class member to ensure they understood each and every concept. I wish I could have spent a week in this class. I speak for our whole class when I say that I would have gladly stayed there for 16 hours each day, soaking up every ounce of knowledge that Billy and Marshall offered.

There is one final thing that I feel needs to be mentioned. That is the caliber of the classmates who participated in the course. I was treated so well by every one of them. We gave each other feedback, helped each other grasp concepts, and I can not tell you how refreshing it was to be with like-minded, genuinely kind, and considerate people in this day and age. No range ninjas, nobody somersaulting around the range, no crazy A-holes basically. Safety was paramount among every single person on that range.

I will be back.

If you are remotely considering taking ANY of their courses, DO IT! These guys will only get more and more expensive with time and notoriety. They are truly there to make YOU a better shooter and tactician. I never once felt that if I wasn't grasping a concept that I was the butt of a joke. If Billy and Marshall had someone like that in one of their classes, they would likely show them the door immediately. They literally read my mind and were able to see most of my mistakes before I made them.

Thank you TDSA team. Thank you to my peers in the course. You've earned a customer and friend in me. I can't wait to get out again! God bless!

Jim Lee

Thursday, September 23, 2021

I recently completed the ACP1 class, this was my second time taking this class. I have taken 4 training classes with TDSA. I carry a firearm daily and feel like training with that firearm is absolutely necessary if you are going to own it, carry it and think you may ever have to use it. The class is a great foundational class and the instructors are world class. Marshall, Kai, Sam, Brian and Shane were outstanding. Their patience, professionalism, attention to detail, and their ability to create a safe, positive training environment make this one of the best classes you can take. Training with TDSA is an outstanding value for time, level of instruction and money spent, you will not find a better value for your money or a better team to train with than the group at TDSA.

I recently changed platforms, switching to a Glock style, red dot, inside the waistband appendix carry system and needed to work back through the basics. I have been carrying a firearm for many years and have changed types and models several times. This class gives you an environment and an instructor base to help you weather you are carrying a 1911 style, Glock or anything else. Right hand, Left hand, concealment, Red dot, Law enforcement, it doesn’t matter, Marshall and his crew have it covered. They will create an environment for success and that is proven by the fact you get to see how much you have improved over 2 days of class time. I had over 50 percent improvement with just 2 days of instruction. Teaching safety, sight alignment, trigger control, grip etc. they will help with all aspects handling and using a pistol.

I believe we should encourage our families to seek training and to train with them, my wife, my son and my daughter-in-law and I have all received training from TDSA. I had the privilege of attending this class with my oldest son and his wife. I have been blessed to be able to take classes like this with my son and to see him grow, not only as a person but also as a husband and father. I know he feels blessed to have been able to take this class with his wife and to see her grow and become more proficient with a pistol. I believe, given everything that is going on in our world, that training and training together is something that we must do to keep each other safe.

I have people that tell me they “do not need to train”, “it’s no big deal”, “I can shoot just fine”, I will tell you, every time, you are wrong, that you need to train, it is a big deal, you can shoot better, this is a perishable skill, even if you shoot frequently, get training, to help you recognize the areas that you need improvement, everyone needs it and then practice, it’s important!

My family and I will continue to train, and we will train with TDSA.

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