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Mike Medley

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From a novice shooter who just completed the Advanced Combat Pistol 1 course with the awesome trainers at TDSA. Prior to this class, I had some shooting experience but not very much really (I probably shot as many rounds during the first day than in my entire life up until that point!). The only training I had prior to this class was being shown how to put bullets in the gun, point it toward the target and pull the trigger.

Several years ago, I acquired my Concealed Carry License and began carrying. Wow did I learn there is so much more to properly handling a pistol than I had imagined. You will not learn the skills taught in this class by searching on the internet like I tried to get away with!!! If you are going to carry a weapon in public this training is crucial. Take it from somebody who was hesitant to sign up due to the price; spend the money on this class I promise you it is worth at least twice what they charge.

All of the instructors were very professional and helpful. They are very patient and work with you without talking down to you, belittling you or putting you down. Believe me I tested them because I was terrible to start with! They do their very best to help you and there is always one nearby willing to answer any question or point out something you are not doing correctly. Because there is a good student to instructor ratio, they are able to observe each student during every skill execution so you never feel like they are not paying attention because they are. Speaking of the instruction, I like the way they teach each skill, demonstrate it with the instructor gun, and then let you go execute it before moving to the next topic. There is a lot of information given so a novice will not master each skill but you will learn it well enough to train on your own in the future.

If you think you already know how to shoot you will still benefit from the class. There were a couple of other instructors, and some other very good shooters attending the class who learned a few things and improved their shooting skills, which should tell you something. I have no other instructors to compare them to but I cannot imagine a better group of guys to learn from.

Bottom line if you own a pistol and are open to learning how to properly use it or improve your skills, no matter what level you are, this class is for you! My post shooting score was improved by 49% over the pre-test score!!! If that is not proof their training method works I don’t know what is.

Thank you Marshall, Travis, Jeremy and Kai. You guys were awesome!

Mike M.
Ian Mason

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I have been training with TDSA for over 7 years now, this was my 6th time to take ACP 1 and as usual it was a fantastic class. I have trained with other shooting schools and instructors, but I have only come back to train with the FINE instructors of TDSA multiple times because of how the information is demonstrated, the environment is always positive and safe, the ability of the instructors to identify a students weak points during class and to step in and help correct the student in a very fun, polite, and understanding way. Basically they fix what is wrong and strengthen everything that you are doing right as a shooter.

This is the only shooting academy that a recommend to people.

So do yourself a favor and take ACP 1, HECK take as many classes with TDSA as you possibly can.

Thanks again Marshall, Kai, Travis, and Jeremy.

Probably be seeing you this fall.
Glenn Holder

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I completed the ACP1 course this past weekend. As I was driving home Sunday evening from the range, I thought about the past two days. I asked myself a number of questions and reflected on what had taken place. I would like to share some of those questions, their answers and my thoughts below (in the form of bullet points, pun intended).

Was I glad I took the course? You bet, in fact I wondered why I had waited so long to take something like this. I will probably take it again as a refresher in the future.

Was I a better marksman and could I handle my handgun more safely, efficiently, skillfully and confidently? Again, a resounding yes. TDSA’s program is one of the best training formats, for any subject matter, I have experienced. I say this from a fairly broad base of experience as in my work career, I formerly held the position of Field Sales Training Manager for a division of a large pharmaceutical company. Marshall and his staff have identified their mission and vision and have developed an effective, well honed, and proven training format and course accordingly. Each and every participant improved significantly. This was evident in the the final results and drills. Whether beginner, novice, or experienced, final scores on drills improved by as much as 49% over the initial assessment. I can personally attest to this as both my accuracy and speed improved by by over 44%.. These are real results gained through a system that is taught by firearm professionals who are respectful, encouraging, and patient.

Was the course difficult and challenging enough to cause each participant to grow and acquire skills at their own personal level regardless of of whether they were beginner, novice or expert? Yes, at the end of two days, it felt like I had just gone through approximately 18 hours of personal lessons. The instructor to student ratio was excellent. Something like one instructor to 4-5 students when we were executing drills, dry firing and live firing. Not only does this drive improvement in the student but it is also a great dollar for dollar value.

Did I feel safe during the course and did I feel welcome? Yes and yes. Safety is the overlying component of TDSA’s program. It is a conscious thread that runs through their existence. They instruct it well and were always on top of it. Did I feel welcome? This is a very hospitable and friendly group. I had a great time and enjoyed every laugh and “oh s___ moment”. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun at working at getting better.

My thanks to Marshall, Kai, Travis and Jeremy for an excellent time. I highly recommend this group.
Jeffrey Gilbert

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TAKE THIS COURSE!!!! I am a Navy Corpsman with over 18 years Special Operations experience and I can say hands down this is one of the best firearm courses I have ever attended. Marshal, Jeremy, Kai, Travis were outstanding instructors with years of experience and it showed on the range. It doesn't matter your experience level you will either enhance or learn, multiple techniques and skills. I will be taking this course again. I encourage you no matter what your skill level with a pistol is to take Advanced Combat Pistol 1, I tell my family, friends and teammates about TDSA. This is an amazing team!
Josh Klamm

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

First of all I would like to say thank you to Marshal, kai, Travis, and Jeremy. You guys are amazing instructors. There is a special place in heaven for those who train archangles before battle!

For anyone who owns a gun, is thinking about owing a gun, or would like to learn how to shoot a gun correctly this is the place to go. No matter your experience level, firearm platform, or knowledge base there is a class for you. If you already think you shoot well then come to class and let them make you better, faster, and more accurate. I can honestly say without hesitation that this is the best pistol course in the US. The level of instruction you will receive in just two days is second to none. No where else will you get this level of training and experience so much fun at the same time.

How can i say this? To be honest i have not attended every training course available in the US, not even close. However I am an experienced shooter. I shoot both IDPA and USPSA. I have been a police officer for 12 years, a tactical team member for 7 of those years, a firearms instructor for 9 including 1.5 years at the department range master. I have traveled all over the country on both my dime and my departments. I have trained and taught both police and military. With that all said I am confident in my statements that you will not find anything like TDSA anywhere else. Of all the trainings I have gone to, TDSA is the only place i have returned for repeat classes. I have now taken AP1 3-4 times and will again take it in the future. Even after all my experience and all the repeats of the same class, I learn each time. I improve each time. THEY make me better and harder to kill each time!

Do yourself a favor and take a course. You will not be disappointed that I guarantee!

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